Notice Posted: March 10, 2023
Winter Maintenance of the Outdoor Rink has ceased due to
fluctuating temperatures and the arrival of spring.


Caisse Community Centre Outdoor Rink

 ~ Outdoor Rink open to the Public ~
~ Caisse Community Centre Facility is Closed to Rink Users ~
~ Access to the Players Box is Available ~
~ The Caisse Community Centre Strongly Recommends Helmet Use for all Individuals
 on the Outdoor Rink ~
~ Adult Supervision is also Strongly Encouraged ~

~ Outdoor Lights on Until 11:00 pm Daily ~

~ Use at Your Own Risk ~
Volunteers Needed

 The outdoor rink is for the use and enjoyment of all community residents. The Outdoor Rink Winter Season Flooding / Maintenance is totally dependent upon volunteers. We are seeking community residents of all ages and urge anyone that can spare a couple of hours each week to assist with Outdoor Rink Winter Season Flooding / Maintenance to contact:

Dee Romijn, Facility Manager

204-736-2679 | 204-801-7629 cell |