The Caisse Community Centre is run by a VOLUNTEER Board of Directors

Caisse Community Centre Board of Directors 2024 (as of February 21st, 2024)

Brian Cornelsen, President

David Brown, Past-President

Rich Marchetti, Vice-President
Chad Brick, Treasurer
Jared Lang, Secretary
Kyle Hayes, Sports Director

Joe Daley, Communications Director
Barbara Agland-O'Connor, Website Director (Newsletter)
Marcie Weiss, Special Events Director
VACANT, Director-at-Large

Ashleigh Reimer, Director-at-Large 

Nick Guffei, Director-at-Large (La Salle Fall Festival)

Trinda Kostal, La Salle Curling Club Director (Appointed)

One of the Director-at-Large positions is VACANT. If you're interested in filling this position, please contact Brian Cornelsen. 

Caisse Community Centre Staff

Reporting to the Board:

Dee Romijn, Facility Manager

There are plenty of sub-committees to be involved in as well if you're unable to commit to a full-time Board Director. Sub-committee members are always needed and are welcome to join at any time. If you're interested in joining a sub-committee, please contact Brian Cornelsen.


As per the Constitution & By-Laws:

By-Law One - Constitution

Article 7 - Governance

The Board of Directors shall consist of an elected Executive Committee as follows:

Additional elected Directors shall consist of the following:
Past-President (elected while President)
Sports Director
Communications Director
Special Events Director
Website Director
(3) Director-at-Large

Additional Directors are to be nominated by their respective organization and appointed by the Executive Committee and shall be eligible to vote at board meetings.  The appointed Directors shall consist of the following:
Curling Club Director
Caisse Financial Group Director

The Facility Manager shall be a staff position and deemed to be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

The duties of appointed Directors and Directors-at-Large shall be established by the Executive Committee prior to nomination or elections at an Annual General Meeting.

The duties of each Board Member shall be outlined in the By-Laws of the Centre.  See Appendix B.

The business and affairs of the Centre shall be managed by the Board of Directors

A Subcommittee may be appointed by the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall be the only members eligible to vote at Board meetings.

The Caisse Financial Group Director, is appointed each year by the Caisse Financial Group only in those years in which the Caisse Financial Group deems it necessary to have representation on the board.  In any other year, this position will remain vacant.

The role of the Past-President shall be for only the first year of office.  After that the role will remain vacant until a new President is elected.


For the Constitution & By-Laws, please click the link below:

Constitution & By-Laws

Caisse Community Centre